Monday, 28 September 2015

"Write a guide for undercover deputies who are trying to fit in at your school."

1. Look grumpy and irritable.
2. It's always acceptable to not speak if you claim to be tired.
3. It's always acceptable to be/look tired.
4. Try your best to not decorate your locker. A mirror or small whiteboard might.
5. Yes, there will be times when the orchestra is playing in the lobby. Do not question it.
6. You don't need to skip class or be late to fit in.
7. It doesn't matter where you eat lunch. Try not to be alone.
8. Complain about homework and classes.
9. It's better to join fewer clubs than more (one should be fine).
10. Boys and girls can platonically hang out.
11. Don't walk slowly in the halls/stairs. Don't. Do. It.
12. Don't take out books from the library.
13. Don't try to identify cliques. The most talented performers at school are not by any means the most popular.
14. Allow yourself to fall into habits.
15. Don't jot down what the teacher is saying unless they ask you to. Even then, point form summaries are best.
16. Don't bring recording devices into the school. Why would you want to live through school twice?
17. Oh yeah—no weapons (or fakes). Leave the guns at home, boys.
18. People don't really care what you wear, but for good measure, dress to the masses.
19. Don't go out of your way to use slang. That's just embarrassing for all of us.
20. Finally, get the homework done. There's nothing more realistic than living the hell that the rest of us must go through.

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