Monday, 5 October 2015

Midnight Swim [Cento]

Behind the sky there’s a storm
of one snow fleck
and plunged into distant regions,
hands, woven of water and logic
spilled gradually, flooding
a typewriter on fire, like a hundred
birches dance, and they
taste the air, the morning and the evening,
the new blue light of moon and ice
the dormant field, the snow
shiny as the coal under the railroad bridge
or a shell beneath the moving water.
The chrome surface of the dream’s lake
within a stone’s throw,
coarse salt and silver-wire hair
cut through thickening dusk
while hound dogs bark underneath
being serenaded by crickets singing the blues

(Plenty, Offerings, Death of a Young Son, These Poems She Said, Hanlan's Point, Sweet Like a Crow, 400: Coming Homes, Fear of Snakes, April Iceberg of Bragg's Island, They Are Hostile Nations, Mount Vesuvius with Lips, I Have Not Lingered Long, Dear Updike, Fire Watch, Burnt Pot Riverbank Indifferent Sky, The Suburbs, Not the Heaven of Raccoons, the knowing.)

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