Sunday, 4 October 2015

Barbara Millicent Roberts' Rebuttal

I have a need to address
society's constant worry
over how I should dress
to make my curves less.

See, I'm pretty old, but
I haven't any lines,
nor wrinkles or sags,
on this body I've been assigned
from the factory.

Is there some kind of official
to judge my appearance?
Why am I being assessed
based on the skin which I was blessed?

What about my job as a vet?
I know how to take care of pets—
babies and children, too,
but apparently it was wrong
for me to be a mom
(while looking so young).

All those years in med school,
to be a surgeon, all that time in uni,
to be blasted into space, from education
to politics in our nation, I have so
many qualifications, why don't
you take a look at my resumé
before you take a look at me?

Can't a girl be smart
and pretty, too? 

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