Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Why X is Better Than Y

Why Winter is better than Summer

1. Cuddling by the crackling fire with a hot cup of cocoa, tiny marshmallows floating within

2. Trekking through fresh snow and leaving footprints

3. Pinkened cheeks and warm toques

4. Making snow angels and snowmen with stick hands that the dog likes to steal

5. Baking gingerbread and cinnamon cookies in an appealingly steamy kitchen

6. Receiving an "I love you" as your sweetheart gives you their sweater in minus forty degree weather.

Why Summer is better than Winter

1. Pleasant breezes and soft grass between your toes

2. Refreshing dips in the warm lake where the dog can splash

4. Camp nights to stare at the stars and fall asleep to the chirping of a cricket

5. Strawberry ice cream scoops, pink lemonade, chocolate popsicles that drip of the chin.


Why Fall is better than Spring

1. Warm colours decorating the trees

2. Strolling down the trail, Springer Spaniel trotting by the side

3. Long sleeves, short sleeves, cute dresses, high boots, a bit of fur.

4. Jumping in leaf piles

5. Fall back (hello, extra time to share with my bed)

6. Pumpkin carving, apple picking, Thanksgiving pie, candy corn, butternut squash

Why Spring is better than Fall

1. Blossoming flowers, returning greens, sweet smells

2. Buzzing, fluffy bumblebees making rounds in pink tulips, pollen clinging to their little hairs

3. Birds singing love songs, fluffy ducklings

4. Dew droplets clinging to spider webs

5. Rain dinging off the skylight, snuggled inside reading

6. Cute umbrellas, rain boots, puppies playing in puddles

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