Tuesday, 27 October 2015


                you become more aware of your other senses
you stretch out your hands
                run your palm against the wall
slow your breathing so that footsteps
                their creaks and thuds
                direct you:
your pupils expand and for a split second
                you understand how cameras work
but the lights come back on and your arms drop limp like a ragdoll's
your eyes tell you all you need to know
sometimes you forget how blinding it can be
                but you adjust
                as fast as you adjust to hot water in the shower and the cold air
when you exit in december even march because no matter what winter is too
                damn long.

i enjoy that moment
                before my eyes absorb enough rays to form images
before it calibrates itself to suit my needs
                there's fear at the back of my throat
my hands don't know where to search like i'm a
zombie (sleepwalkers that freak out their spouses a lot
both somewhat bleary as they couldn't see in the dark)
when the lights are out
                we connect by touch
                bumping into each other
after a while you work out little details about someone                                                                       
                like how they always lisp their 's' when they're impassioned
                the light might cast a shadow over their dimple
                                but you never noticed how they hum themselves to sleep

the darkness lets us see things in a new light.

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