Monday, 19 October 2015

Public Poetry

Despite the powerful prowess that prodigies possess,
and our defined, refined, confined but blind education,
humans are traveling down a one-way path,
and we've won the way to self-destruction.

Long before Adam and Eve,
our primitive primate ancestors
goaded their grey matter to grow
by nibbling on their neighbour's noggin.

Munching on a little meat
enabled bigger brains
with advanced capabilities—
who cares about better bodies?

In these temples,
we have mazes that amaze me
and tracks that trace routes
faithfully without fail.

What's wonderful is what's inside—
not the tangled strings of emotions,
or the puzzling parts of personalities,
but our bizarrely beautiful science.

There's a stigma surrounding mutations,
that altered DNA is always bad.
Humans could be more efficient,
identical, perfect drones.

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